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What is the number of shareholders of the company on June 10th?

A: on June 10, the number of registered shareholders was 160.

Is the company expected to enter the select layer?

A: on May 30, general manager xu Ming of China equity transfer company attended the financial street BBS annual meeting 2019 and delivered a speech. Speech pointed out that "incremental reform measures will be under the unified deployment of the securities and futures commission as a whole, the reform direction is to fine layered gripper, study the system regarding the issue of the introduction of more competitive and more efficient trading mechanism, optimize the investors appropriate management, increase the number of investors, investors rich type, explore the implementation of differential voting rights at the same time, actively promote rotating plate mechanism."

Given the currently selected layer related system has not yet issued, the company cannot determine whether to enter the selected layer, but the company stock on February 2, 2015 in the national small and medium-sized enterprises sustained specification stable operation, since listing on the stock transfer system since the shares transfer system stratification system execution company always belongs to the enterprise innovation layer, layer to select relevant system, the company will actively strive for can be selected.

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